Package 6: Fauda – Black Ops

Join the top secret Mista’arvim (Israeli Jews who disguise themselves as Arabs in order to infiltrate Arab society) and go undercover behind enemy lines. Your mission: Reconnaissance and information gathering. Alone, without backup, and surrounded by the enemy, do you have what it takes to complete your mission and get out alive? Can you handle the pressure and keep your cover? Want to learn how to infiltrate enemy territory and escape without leaving a trace?

You’ll train with former Black Ops officers – real life Mista’arvim – in SUFA Academy’s Fauda program. Your specialized, high-level preparation will include a presentation by former members of the IDF’s and Security Forces’ secret operations units, weapons and combat training, and more! Once you complete your training, you’ll be assigned your top-secret mission and geared up to go under cover. 

Fauda – Black Ops: Infiltrate, complete your mission, and slip out without leaving a trace.

This unforgettable experience is suitable for adult groups as well as families*. Fauda – Black Ops is available at any of SUFA’s training facilities nationwide.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Ages: 8+


Package 6: Fauda – Black Ops