Package 5: SUFA Overnight

For those who are looking for a chance to take their SUFA training to the next level, this package combines the full experience of army training with an opportunity to take that training out into the field on a desert mission under cover of night. 

You will begin with an orientation at the SUFA desert training facility and a visit to an army base to meet some of the IDF’s front-line combat soldiers. Your “unit” will then climb up to a lookout point for a geographical survey of the field to get to know the lay of the land. You’ll receive a mission briefing and begin your preliminary training up at the lookout.

Preparations for the desert operation will continue back at the training facility, where you’ll undergo all your mission-related training and receive all your gear for the mission. Your training will prepare you for battle in the harsh desert environment at night, including learning about flora and fauna, general survival skills, camouflage, and navigation using the stars and other rudimentary tools. 

Your guides through this desert combat adventure will be former fighters from the elite units of the IDF and the Israeli security establishment. They’ll share their battle-tested knowledge with you as you prepare for each night mission on the adventure of a lifetime. 

This unforgettable experience is suitable for adult groups as well as families. SUFA Overnight takes place at the SUFA training facility in the Negev.

Duration: 12 hours. Ages 8+


Package 5: SUFA Overnight