Package 3: SUFA Complete

The definitive military experience, SUFA Complete is SUFA’s flagship program offering a truly unique army adventure that the whole family will love. We distill and concentrate the complete IDF experience into an exciting and authentic program specially designed for those who want to get a true sense of what lies behind the security and combat training undergone by the Israeli military and security forces themselves.

SUFA Complete simulates the complete military experience: from intake and basic training through combat fighting and discharge. You will learn what it takes to be an IDF soldier, including basic skills practice, weapons training, and hand-to-hand combat with Krav Maga. At the end of training, you will see whether you’ve mastered the skills required to be an IDF combat soldier with the SUFA Certification Test, and you’ll receive a certificate of completion and souvenir from your training.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is suitable for adult groups as well as families*. SUFA Complete is available at any of SUFA’s training facilities nationwide.

Duration: 2.5 hours. Ages: 8+


Package 3: SUFA Complete